In our project section, a team of engineers - selected by their outstanding technical skills – creates solutions to answer to the needs of our clients, and design their own solutions from the ground up.

Electrofer's 30 years of experience is incorporated here, using the global learning curve  curve to optimize time frames, costs, and to ensure reliability. Being able to find the best solution to each geographical , technical and architectonic context is the daily challenge of this department, where "detail engineering" makes it possible to ensure reliability of steel constructions. In fact, only with absolute rigour in the preparation and planing you can create parts that behave as expected – without problems – in the work site, a vital aspect when you export to 4 continents..



If technical competence is our base, our production methods  make it possible for us to turn projects into reality in an optimized way.

In fact, without a covered area of 30 000 m2, and a total available area of 80 000 m2, without a equipment park of high technological level, and without our 300 workers, it would not be possible for Electrofer to build, with tight deadlines, the projects drawn by the engineering department.


Electrofer's production unit has, in the same physical place the equipments to work steel, galvanize and paint. This makes it possible to have a continuous workflow, that creates synergies between the areas. Having enough area to stock finished product, ready to be expedited  to any where in the world,  is another of Electrofer's differentiating aspects.


This connection between our production processes creates value when it comes to controlling timings and costs, and also when it comes to control reliability, competitive advantages that explain part of Electrofer's success.

Three decades of experience in logistics  - with the progressive turning from land based to sea based transport – is yet another factor to take in account when you choose Electrofer as your partner. In fact, being able to stock up to 2 000 tons of material, and having a vast knowledge in expedition though sea of steel structures of considerable size, is yet another factor that makes Electrofer stand out in it's sector, assuring us a top place in the European ranking.


Lastly, our vast experience assembling structures outside, where technical support is fundamental, together with the rigour and reliability that characterise Electrofer's production activity, complete the range of characteristics that explain how, after 30 years, this company became a global player who's reputation proves it's a good choice.